Sackful of Sovereigns Recordings - Albums

Sackful of Sovereigns have produced six CDs to date and they are listed below.

All the CDs are currently available to buy and we will be adding online purchase to the website shortly along with samples of all the tracks.

For the time being if you're wish to buy any of our albums please contact us via the Contact page for details..... SEE CONTACT US


Small Change Small Change - July 1997 - SEE DETAILS

Bound for the Promised Land Bound for the Promised Land - May 1998 - SEE DETAILS

Up to the Hilt Up to the Hilt - October 1999 - SEE DETAILS

In for a Penny In for a Penny - April 2003 - SEE DETAILS

The Other Side of the Coin The Other Side of the Coin - July 2006 - SEE DETAILS

An Unknown Child An Unknown Child - October 2007 - SEE DETAILS