Sackful of Sovereigns Albums - The Other Side of the Coin

The Other Side of the Coin - July 2006

To coincide with the 10th Anniversary Gig we completed our new CD "The Other Side of the Coin".

Featuring Ben Osborne on the Fiddle "The Other Side of the Coin" features seven new original tracks including the "What happened next after Matty Groves" track - "Lord Arlen". Also a rip roaring , red wine induced tale from Steve Sawyer featuring surfing a narrow boat down the Caen Hill flight on the Kennet and Avon Canal (the mind boggles) - "Surfing the Locks". Also featured are three traditional arrangements.

The track listing is as follows :

The Other Side of the Coin

"Fiddle-In" (Osborne)
"Tom, Dick, Harry and Me" (Sackful of Sovereigns)
"Drowsy Maggie" (trad. arr. - Sackful of Sovereigns)
"At the Break of the Day" (Sackful of Sovereigns countermelody - D. Harrison)
"The Fairground Lovers" (Sackful of Sovereigns)
"Buttermilk Hill" (trad. arr. D. Harrison, Osborne)
"Follow Me Down to Carlow" (trad. arr. Sackful of Sovereigns)
"Lord Arlen" (Sackful of Sovereigns)
"The Riddling Knight" (tune - Sackful of Sovereigns lyric trad. arr. - Sackful of Sovereigns)
"Surfing the Locks” (tune - Sackful of Sovereigns lyric - Sawyer)

Recorded April 2006 - June 2006 at Littleton Studios, Wiltshire, England.

Engineered, Produced and Mixed by Mark Griffin.

Mastered at www.littleton

Cover design and artwork by Colin Harrison