Sackful of Sovereigns Albums - Bound for the Promised Land

Bound for the Promised Land - May 1998

In May 1998 the band went back into the studio and started recording tracks for their next tape. Two tracks were completed in record (pun) time and were released on a special edition tape in time for their second appearance at the Chippenham Folk Festival.

At 11.40pm on Sunday 14th April 1912 the "Titanic" struck an ice-berg and sank just over two and a half hours later. No-one knows what became of the Goodwin family. Only that no trace of them has been found so it is assumed that they went down with the ship.

"The song is based around the standard saying of all children who are on a trip, "When will we be there?". They also were emigrating to one "Promised Land" but, we hope, ended their journey in another."

The track listing is as follows :

Bound for the Promised Land

"Bound for the Promised Land" (Harrison, Harrison, Rundle, Griffin, Spittal)
"Here Come the Navvies" (Traditional arr. S.o.S.).

Engineered, Produced and Mixed by Mike Gerrish.
Remastered for CD by Mark Griffin at Littleton Studios.

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