Sackful of Sovereigns Albums - Bound for the Promised Land - An Unknown Child

Bound for the Promised Land/An Unknown Child-Oct 2007

In May of 2007, Carol Goodwin Goroff sent an email asking the band to write a follow up to "Bound for the Promised Land". DNA testing had finally proved that a child’s body, buried in the Fairview Lawn Cemetary, Halifax, Novia Scotia, was Sidney Leslie Goodwin from Melksham. The child had previously been misidentified as a Finnish boy, Eino Panula, in 2002.

His body had been found floating in the water six days after the disaster by sailors from the "Mackay-Bennett", hired by the White Star Line to recover bodies. The sailors all chipped in for a casket with a medallion and the erection of a headstone engraved with the name "An Unknown Child". Over the years the grave came to represent all the 56 children lost in the sinking.

Victims from the disaster were taken to a temporary morgue in the Halifax Curling Rink. All the clothing was burned to deter souvenir hunters. However, when it came to the child’s shoes, the police officer in charge didn’t have the heart to burn them and kept them in a drawer. Many years later his grandchildren returned the shoes and they are now in the local museum.

A memorial service was held in Halifax on August 6th 2008 and "An Unknown Child" was played after the service. Carol Goodwin Goroff is writing a book on the Goodwin family and intends to include both songs.

The track listing is as follows :

Bound for the Promised Land/An Unknown Child

"Bound for the Promised Land" (Harrison, Harrison, Rundle, Griffin, Spittal).
"An Unknown Child" (Harrison, Harrison, Griffin, Sawyer).

"Bound for the Promised Land" -
Recorded May 1998 - at The Very Small Back Room, Melksham, Wiltshire, England.
Engineered, Produced and Mixed by Mike Gerrish.
Remastered for CD by Mark Griffin at Littleton Studios.

"An Unknown Child" -
Recorded November 2007 - May 2008 at Littleton Studios, Wiltshire, England.
Engineered, Produced and Mixed by Mark Griffin.

Thanks to Janet Hollerhead, Mike Gerrish, Melksham News and Carol and Iza Goroff.

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